Get paid to drink beer!

Getting paid to drink a delicious craft brew sounds too good to be true, but it can be done! I’ve been paid $41.50 in just a few weeks by using an app called bevRAGE.

bevRAGE is super-easy to use and payouts are fast (less than 48 hours). You can get start getting paid to drink beer by following the instructions or viewing the video below:


Sign Up

  1. Download bevRAGE from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Tap Sign Up and enter your email address, password (at least six characters), zip code, date of birth, gender (optional), and referral code XMVRYNYN
  3. Tap Payment Center to select your payment method (PayPal or check)


  1. Browse for beers in the Retail Stores or Bars & Restaurants sections of the bevRAGE app
  2. When you find an offer you like, tap it, then tap Redeem Now
  3. Buy the beer and keep the itemized receipt










  1. Tap Snap Receipt Picture and take a photo of the itemized receipt that shows the product name, price, store name, date, and time
  2. Select the offers you want to redeem and tap Redeem Now

Get Paid

  1. If you selected PayPal as your payment method, you will get paid within 48 hours
  2. If you selected check as your payment method, you will be sent a check when your balance reaches $20

Combine Cash Back

Combine bevRAGE and ibotta cash back offers to get paid even more to drink beer! See my next blog post (Get paid to drink beer! Part 2) to learn how to use ibotta

Video: How to use bevRAGE to get paid to drink beer!


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